September 25, 2022

University of Massachusetts Motorsport Club

Hello and welcome to the homepage of an independent auto-moto club founded and ran jointly by the students and faculty of the University of Massachusetts. We’re called University of Massachusetts Motorsport Club or U Mass Motorsport for short. We’re a group of students (past and present) and faculty who love anything with an engine.

Welcome dear members and guests

To join our little club you just need to be a fan of motorised vehicles. Any kind is fine. Be it something as gigantic as monster trucks or small like one of those cheap remote controlled drones that people play around with these days. To be honest, the drone is just for recording videos of our meetings, you know, hot rod flyovers and such. But basically, anything with a motor is fine. Interests of our club are diverse and there’s something for everyone here. We founded our little club 12 years ago, and we’re growing ever since. Memberships are now in the thousands, and to think all those years ago we started small, just a dozen or so guys from mechanical engineering with a love for cars. Since then we’ve started hosting one of the biggest annual car shows in the area and we have sponsorships with some of the top brand names in the auto industry.

Everything that we do is out of love for cars, trucks, even tractors, we don’t discriminate. One of the great things about having such a large membership, which our club does have, is that our members have many different interests. We have groups that love fast sports car, others that love oldtimers, and lately we’ve even been getting people who are tinkering with motorized bicycles. Talk about extremes. It’s a nice view at the meetings, having some members who bring something unique to the table. There is room for everyone here at U Mass Motorsport. Each year we organize an auto show, where our members and anyone else who steps forward can show off their vehicles. This year’s show has already happened unfortunately. We usually have them in April or May. Due to lots of interest from people, we might be forced to organize another one in September, before the semester starts. We’re still debating whether or not to do it, because we don’t want to push it. There is such a thing as too much of good thing.

Club meetings are held every Tuesday at 8PM near the Orchard Hill student residential area. Should you decide to join us, one of the organizers is going to be contacting you with the exact location of the meetings. Owning a car of course isn’t a prerequisite in order to join U Mass Motorsport. Majority of our membership are college students, which aren’t exactly known for their ability to buy cars, not with the prices of college textbooks being what they are. But we’re not here to complain about that. Basically, what you need to know is that owning a car isn’t needed to join our club. So what is needed? Just pure child-like interest in the auto-moto world.

Reasons why to join us:

One of the reasons to join our U Mass Motorsport are definitely the cars. There is currently around 250 hot rods that are owned by our members. They can’t always be seen at one place, except for the car show, but most of the members show them off even at the weekly meeting. Let me just make it clear once again, owning a car isn’t needed to join us.

We get together not so much to see the cars, but to talk with other hot rod enthusiasts out there. It’s like with every other club out there, the community is what’s more important than the reason why we’re getting together. We love cars, don’t get me wrong, but talking about cars is what really makes most of us attend the meetings and get togethers.

Naturally, there tool savvy individuals of all sorts in our little club. Tinkering with cars is what got us here to U Mass Motorsport in the first place. If you need help and advice with your own car, for a cool new mod that you’re working on, then you’re at the right place. We can give suggestions for improvements, give you advice if you get stuck, etc.

Car show events are the best

As we’ve already stated our car show events attract thousands of visitors each year. They are another compelling reason why one might want join our ranks. Shows are whole weekend long and during them we invite people from the broader Amherst area to come and show off their vehicles, even those that aren’t members of the U Mass Motorsport club. At the shows there’s food, drinks, people throw barbecues, you name it. It’s a fun experience all around and we love to host it each year. Our core members help out make everything run as smooth as possible when the event takes place. Others will help out when it’s needed. It’s usually small stuff like serving drinks, being valets. Only volunteers help out this way, so don’t worry, we won’t force you to do anything that you don’t want to. If you want to join our little group, you can do so using the contact page.

Would you like to join us?

You can join our initiative using the contact form on the contact page.