September 25, 2022

UMass Motorsport is an auto-moto appreciation college club consisting of many, many members, predominately students and even some faculty. We’ve been active for over a decade now, and many of our members have been with us from the start. There’s too many to name them all here, especially at this point. My name is Doug and I’m the web guy. As such, I’m in charge of everything that gets posted on the website. Luckily it’s mostly just updates and announcements, but I digress.

UMass Motorsport has grown to become one the biggest auto-moto clubs in the area and we are very proud of that fact. Weekly meetings are held by each Tuesday. Each year we have a big car show with thousands of visitors flocking to view what kind of cars our members have. It’s not just our members that show off their vehicles during the car shows. But enough about that, enough about pretty much everything. Stay tuned about future updates and club plans.