July 2, 2022

The UMass Motorsport car show takes place each year just after spring break, usually in either April or May, sometimes earlier or during the actual spring break. It’s difficult to get people to come to the car show during spring break because they either go on vacation or home, it’s spring break after all. For that reason we decided to do the car show a few weeks afterwards, when everyone has returned and settled down for the next batch of classes.

When the UMass Motorsport car show will happen in 2018 we still don’t know exactly. We’ll have to check with the academic calender, get together and then make a decision about the best time and date for the show. It’ll either be the first or second weekend after spring break. What is still an unknown is who is going to be the sponsor.

If you’re a local business or a car company that would like to be a part of our show, then definitely get in touch with us. Find more details about sponsorships over at the sponsors page. We’ve had numerous sponsors who have helped out over the year, and if you’d also like to help out, get in touch. It is an event that last last year visited by over 5000 people and featured hundreds of vehicles. Next years will only be bigger, with your help hopefully.