September 25, 2022

Club leadership can most easily got in touch with using the contact form down below. Club president, Joel Swash and vice-president Tim Mitchell are monitoring this email and will get back to you as soon as possible, or they will get one of the aids to do it for them. Preferred way of contacting us though is through our Facebook page:

New members please add “New member registration” in the subject field so that we can direct your message to the correct department, 🙂 . Sponsors can get in touch if you want to negotiate sponsorship deal of some sorts. We’ve been on the lookout for a new venue for our meetings, something that can accommodate more people, as we’re getting bigger, but we don’t have the resources to finance it on our own. If you think that you can help out, then definitely get in touch so that we workout some sort of deal.

Direct any kind of questions about existing memberships to this email as well, as we have dedicated support staff to answer them. They will clear any confusion that you might have about what membership entails exactly. In any case, whatever the reason, we hope to hear from you soon. Bye….