September 25, 2022

Club sponsors help make the annual car show possible, and they also allow us to offer our members refreshments during the meetings. It’s nothing big so far, and in return the sponsors get the opportunity to promote their goods and services at our meetings and of course at the car show that we setup.

In the future, if we are to keep growing our little club, we would need to find a new location for the meetings. We’ve grown to big for any location on the campus to hold us, especially during the car show, so we’re looking for sponsors who will take on the challenge of helping us find a location that roomy enough to hold a couple of hundred people each week and also a few thousands each year, when the car show take place, 🙂 .

We’re not looking for for people to sponsor the whole amount needed, we do have some income that we generate over the year, but some little help is needed to get the ball rolling. Please get in touch with us if you want to become a sponsor of the UMass Motorsport club. We’re ready to listen any kind of offers that you might want to propose. Get in touch with us using our Facebook page: